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Jay Ambe International School

Founded in 2014 with a clear vision of being one of the top schools in Bharuch by delivering an outstanding learning environment, Jay Ambe International School is now indeed considered the best school in Bharuch. We take pride in blending a perfect mix of the traditional learning environment with the digital infrastructure which makes us stand out as the best school in Bharuch. We are regarded as one of the best English medium schools in the state because of our expertise and structured education.

Our experienced and proficient teachers and other staff work hard to provide the most comfortable and encouraging learning environment to students. Along with teaching the curriculum, our team works on teaching the life lessons to our students. We are the best school in Bharuch because we focus on the complete development of our students by nurturing their creativity along with education.

JAIS: Preschool to CBSE/GSEB School in Bharuch

We offer preliminary to higher secondary education to our students. We are both, Gujarati and English medium school with Gujarat state board and a central board affiliation till 10th Standard. We cover all schooling academics:

Preschool in Bharuch

Because of our attitude of helping children to become bright students in a friendly ambiance, we are regarded as the best preschool in Bharuch. Along with the preliminary education, we also teach

  • Logical and analytical skills
  • Motor skills
  • Creativity
  • Socialization
  • Communication skills And more

We are the best preschool in Bharuch because we educate our preschool students to be future-ready.

Best Primary and Secondary School in Bharuch

We believe in quality focused education along with the competitive and creative spirit. Primary and secondary education builds a persona to take complex educational and professional challenges in the future. Thus, we give extra emphasis on teaching and cultivating interest in learning with our ongoing efforts among students.

Higher Secondary School in Bharuch

We are regarded as the top science school in Bharuch because of our ultramodern science lab and easy to understand teaching methods. We are also a popular commerce school in Bharuch which imbibe expertise in education for the commerce students.

We are regarded as the best school in Bharuch because along with educational expertise, we also specialize in building confidence and soft-skills in our students so they can withhold any situation in this competitive world. Along with the quality education, we also arrange different events, motivation programs such as “Star of the Month”, sports events and co-curriculum activities to provide a perfect learning environment for our students.

Our students not only learn to be performers, but they also learn to excel in the competition and conquer all situations with confidence and versatility.