7 Steps To Build Better Communication Between Parent And Child

7 Steps To Build Better Communication Between Parent And Child      15 Apr 2020

In every relationship, communication plays a very important role. Especially when it comes to parents and children.  Today however electronic gadgets have replaced majority of the worldly things but it could not replace the role of parents. 

The parents are always role model of their children. Children continuously observe their parents and follow their footprints, so while communicating with them, parents has to take care about their words and their reactions. If the parents react rudely with the children, they will give same to the society. Moreover good communication will make children fearless and can solve major problems as well.

Good communication also includes good listening skill of parents. Children are the treasure of thoughts and feelings. Each and every moment, they get many ideas in their mind and if they are properly listened and nurtured will, it will give fruitful results in children’s life.
Here are some of the important steps to follow to develop Good Communication between Parents and children

1. Let the child know that you are interested and involved and that you will help when needed.

2. Turn off the television, electronic gadgets or put the newspaper down when your child wants to communicate. A child meet at the end of the day to the father and even during that time if father is busy with other electronic equipment, the child will never learn to share his/her thoughts with the father.

3. Never ignore the child’s talk. Notice it seriously. Your child always wants to share many things with you. By giving your attention, he/she will feel happy.

4. Listen carefully and politely .Don‘t interrupt the child when he is trying to tell his story.

5. Don’t react aggressively on child’s mistake. If you are angry on your child about his mistake don’t talk to him until you get calm because if you react rudely, next time he will afraid to share his mistakes with you.

6. Always use positive phrases with your child never say you are dumb.

7. Be your child’s best friend. Who else can be? Right?!

So start spending more time with your child and then you will see a real difference in the overall behaviour of your child.

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