7 Things To Consider Before Deciding The Play Group For Your Child

7 Things To Consider Before Deciding The Play Group For Your Child      15 Apr 2020

Play group is the first step to be taken by the parents for the child’s education, to let the child explore the outer world and learn about the world, make friends and develop social skills. Play groups also give parents, grandparents and care takers a chance to share their ideas and experiences. So here are certain important factors, which we all should take into consideration while choosing our child's first step towards learning and gaining knowledge     

Experienced School staff & Teachers

The first and the foremost thing to be kept in mind is to have a good and a helpful teaching staff with ample knowledge of understanding the mind of little ones. Teachers are the one who will be sowing the seeds of education and teaching different things regarding discipline, honesty and grasping power .Teachers will be the one who understand the child emotions.  

Communication with teachers

The communication between teachers and parents build the bridge of child development .The synchronization between the parents and teachers is helpful for child's upliftment in different subjects related to their future and the one which should be given little bit more efforts. So the communication should be verbally rather than in a written notes. Only few important stuff that is material needed for some extra work should be given in written form. The language used for communication should be really easy to understand for parents else it may create a barrier in communication.

A good Ambience of school and infrastructural facilities

Like literally, before a decade or even lately there was no such impact of good ambience or infrastructure. But nowadays people are more into ambiences and overall development of the play area including all the facilities. A good playing area and a gardening area to attracts children and this all increases need or we may say it motivates every child to come to school regularly   

Developing Creativity in pre –school

Creativity may be defined as the process of creating original ideas and using abstract thinking to find solution of problems. Create an environment that stimulates creativity. Exhibit an attitude that promotes creativity in pre-school Conduct activities that help children develop creativity. Avoid things that are proven to stifle creativity.

Security of a child

The security of a child is very important point as per the view point of parents. The environment of the play area should be soothing and children should feel safe and relief. The surrounding of the school should be very peaceful and less noisy .It should not disturb the process of learning of any child. 

Resource & Facility

The playgroup should have good resources i.e.  playing toys, attractive equipment and different other educational helping goods. The equipment selected needs to be both fun and at the same time should help in physical and mental development of children. The activity such as craft, drawing, painting, dancing, music etc. helps your child's imagination to grow .Thus its gives the real strength and inner power. Facilities such as drinking water, having clean surrounding, electricity and hygienic washrooms and having a first aid kit for individual .This are all basic facilities which should be properly taken care of .The classrooms should have proper ventilation, lighting and projector for A.V facility.

Reputation of school

The Reputation of the school has to be built. It is not made in a single year or so. The reputation of the school or playgroups is built up by the feedback given by children of the school. The children passing out every year decides the future of the school. A good reputation has to be built up by providing all required / necessary amenities and maintain it for years. By participating in different competition, the way the school is providing knowledge and teaching discipline decides the reputation of the school more strongly. The result of school and the school infrastructural helps in building up the reputation of the school. The staff and teachers also have to put efforts to build the reputation by providing good facilities and warm/ comfortable environment to the kids.

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