Difference between CBSE and state board

Difference between CBSE and state board      26 Aug 2020

All parents need to know about the boards of education in detail to make the right choice for their children. To help them, we will explain major differences between CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and GSEB (Gujarat State Education Board). In India, the school education system is divided into two different categories:

  1. State board and

  2. Central board

What is CBSE?

CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education. All CBSE schools in Bharuch follow the education system and curriculum defined by the Union Government of India, also called, the central government of India.

What is GSEB?

GSEB stands for Gujarat State Education Board. Each GSEB school in Bharuch follows the curriculum and education policies followed by the Gujarat government, which is a state government.

Fundamental Difference between GSEB and CBSE Schools in Bharuch:

  • CBSE schools in Bharuch follow the syllabus and policies which are defined for all CBSE schools in India. On the contrary, each GSEB school in Bharuch follows the syllabus and policies defined by the Gujarat government. 

  • Each CBSE school across India follows the same syllabus and the education system. While state government education system is different in each state. It means the GSEB syllabus and education policy is limited to Gujarat only.

  • If you need to change the state, it becomes easier to get admission and continue studies from where it was left for your child. However, for students studying in a GSEB school in Bharuch needs to study in Gujarat only for schooling or may face some added challenges.

Education Model Difference between GSEB and CBSE Schools in Bharuch:

Each state government may have different policies. In the following section, we will compare syllabus, subjects, and other facts related to the education model followed in CBSE and GSEB schools.

Education Model in CBSE Schools:

  • Teaching is carried out in English or Hindi. Thus, there are only two mediums of studies.

  • It often inspects and updates the syllabus to make sure students follow the competitive learning model.

  • More importance is given to mathematics, science and other application-oriented subjects

  • All schools whether CBSE Schools in Bharuch or Bangalore follow the same syllabus.

Education Model in GSEB Schools:

  • Teaching is often carried out in regional language in the state board education, such as Gujarati in each GSEB school in Bharuch. Still, there is an option of an English medium for GSEB students.

  • The syllabus in GSEB schools changes less frequently.

  • More importance is given to the local language, state-level topics, concepts, culture, etc.

  • All schools in Gujarat follow the same syllabus. However, the syllabus in other states will be completely different.

Parents often get confused about the fact that whether they should look for a CBSE or GSEB school in Bharuch. This article must have given you a direction to choose the right board of education for your children. The major focus should be on your preference, interest, and aptitude of kids.